Meet Ryan Wilcox

Ryan is a husband, father, coach, scoutmaster and lifelong Republican that has been involved in state and county politics here in Weber County for the past twenty years, having served numerous times as a precinct chair, and a state and county delegate.

He served as a member of the Utah House of Representatives representing District 7 in Northern Weber County (2009-2014), and subsequently as Senior Policy Advisor and Northern Utah Director for U.S. Senator Mike Lee. He recently returned to the private sector.

Learn more about Ryan’s experience below.


Years Served in the Utah House of Representatives:


Ryan was elected to the Utah House of Representatives in 2008. He served until 2014 and filled several important positions, including:

  • Chairman of the House Revenue and Taxation Committee

  • Vice-Chairman of the House Rules Committee

  • Vice-Chair of Business & Labor Appropriations Committee

Years Involved in State & County Politics:


For more than 20 years Ryan has helped get strong conservatives elected to local, county, state, and national positions. From volunteer to advisor, he has the experience to help Republicans win elections.

Years as Mike Lee’s Northern Utah Director and Policy Advisor:


In 2014, Senator Mike Lee hired Ryan to serve as a Senior Policy Advisor and Northern Utah Director.

During this time Ryan worked shoulder to shoulder with Senator Lee and new state party chair Derek Brown to make sure Utah values were maintained at our nation’s capitol.

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My Mission:

You—the delegate—play a critical role in selecting those candidates that support our platform, and it is the party’s responsibility to make sure that those candidates are elected! Together, we can ensure that our party:

  • Wins Elections

  • Preserves Weber County’s Voice

  • Unites and Builds Our Party


I have had the pleasure to know Ryan Wilcox for many years and know him to be committed to principle and dedicated to service. Ryan has a history of bringing people together and leading teams to solve difficult issues. Weber County will be well served with Ryan as the chair of the GOP.
— U.S. Senator Mike Lee