Building Weber’s GOP

You—the delegate—play a critical role in selecting those candidates that support our platform, and it is the party’s responsibility to make sure that those candidates are elected! Together, we can ensure that our party:

Wins Elections

This past year we lost one legislative seat, and nearly lost two more. We can do better, but ONLY if we work together! 

  • Restore the value of the caucus system.

  • Remind our neighbors WHY we vote Republican.

  • Rebuild our relationships with our elected leaders, the community and each other.

  • Invite our friends and neighbors along with us!

Preserves Weber County’s Voice in Utah Politics

Weber County has always had an important voice in shaping the direction of our state party. As we enter into the pivotal 2020 election cycle, we need leadership that will:

  • Ensure that Weber County stays at the forefront

  • Is committed to constitutional principles

  • Help Republicans win elections

Builds the GOP

Our state party is at a crossroads. State delegates picked new leadership at the 2019 convention at GOP convention. I am committed to working with new the leadership team to ensure:

  • Fidelity to our party platform

  • Effective coordination between the state and county GOP

  • The best resources are available to our candidates