A few supporters of Ryan Wilcox for Chair

Rep. Steve Waldrip -House District 8

“Ryan is the leader that we need to strengthen and expand the Republican Party in Weber County. His experience and wisdom, combined with his energetic, bright and collaborative style, will put the Weber County Party back on the right track.”

Senator Ann Millner - Senate District 18

“Ryan Wilcox has served in the Utah State Legislature and as a Senior Policy Adviser on Senator Mike Lee’s staff. He know what it takes to run and serve on the state and national level and will help Weber County elect strong, conservative Republicans to represent us.”

Senator Allen Christensen - Senate District 19

“Ryan is just the right person to lead our Republican Party in Weber County. He knows how the system works and he has the energy and the initiative to keep us going strong.”

Rep. Lee Perry - House District 29

“Ryan Wilcox has the ability and knowledge to help get Republicans elected in Weber County.  He is a leader who understands what it takes to get elected to public office.  He is the best choice for Weber County GOP chair.  He is a true public servant.”